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All across the globe, people talk about our India. India is just a beautiful country, which has been attracting people for thousands of years. At the time of kings and rulers in India, there came invaders and Mughals to visit India, but later decided to stay over here and established their own kingdom. After the rule of royals and Mughals, there came East India Company with a motive to have a business set up in India, but looking this golden bird pleasure and wealth decided to stay and rule over the country. These make history and thus have given historic places in the country.

The seventh largest country in the world, India is rich in tradition, culture, and hospitality. The visit to India, is not possible for any traveler under a single package in limited days and nights. The Indian tourism has made certain themes for India tour; like Heritage India, in which you will visit the top historic land of the country.

Rajasthan, Agra and Khajuraho are recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. Rajasthan is a princely state, earlier and still a reputed land of Rajputanas. Visiting Rajasthan, you will visit the majestic forts and palaces and assume the lavish living of those royals. Agra, is famous of very majestic and a love epitome Taj Mahal, which records visit of millions of travelers every year. Khajuraho is another top heritage destination in India, well known for group of temples, having a rock cut architecture and designs, which is a unique masterpiece and the only one of a kind on the globe.

Heritage India, tour package, just not bring you to the land of Indian heritage destinations, but gives you an amazing experience of travelling to India. The memories and gasping beauty will remain in your heart for lifelong and for life ever.

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