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Adventure is the passion of India. India is blessed with lots of wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserve also with hills, mountains, rivers and lots of natural blessings as nature and heritage of India. Travelers from all across the world come to India, to have fun and excitement here. India, calls for trekking, river rafting, wildlife tour and many other such like. North India, has lots of forests and hills, which is a perfect destination for adventure and exciting tour in India. Here also you can enjoy tribal tour, which will take you to the land of the tribes living in the extremely dense forest and still living like backwards.

Trekking- India calls tourists for adventure making to the Himalayan ranges. Here you can have trekking over the snow covered and largest mountain range of the world. The best time to visit is during monsoon time.

Water sports and river rafting- India is also famous for water sports and some of its kind related to sports, adventure like scuba diving, river rafting and fun making. Here you can make your own tents and live for a whole day and even spend a night enjoying the beauty of hills, rivers and making water sports.

Wildlife- India is famous for tiger reserves. Some of the very famous tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuary is attracting tourists in a number of millions. The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuaries is monsoon.

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